La Patrie Concert All Solid Wood Classical Guitar

Hey guys this is Joel with Guitars United
I just want to show you another really cool guitar this is a classical guitar made in
Canada and its called a La Patrie and its owed by the company Seagull which owns quite
a few other companies like Simon & Patrick and Godin Stuff like that I think Godin
owns all of them to be honest with you but this is a all solid wood classical guitar
and it is $479.99 US This is March 2014 and we think this is one of the best guitars for
$479 thats all solid and so this guitar is not laminated and what I mean by that is that
this top is one layer it might to pieces you know book matched but its one layer of wood
same thing for the back and sides is that its one layer of wood in stead of laminated
sheets of wood glued together so just a really good resonation from that type of wood
you pay it I mean its not a inexpensive guitar by no means in todays economy But I think
its the best value out there somebody looking to get a really nice guitar that not made
in china that is all solid and you don't want to break the bank this is it right here its
call the concert model its $479 and its rock and roll we've been selling these of for quite
a few years now and we have a lot of kids that are in these magnet schools and a lot
of adults that pick these up these are just really hight quality they have like 7 or 8
models they've been building them for years and we like it yeah know they got a really
good fit and finish to it the necks are a standard 2" nut width on them and um were
real happy with them its for the Tusq compensated saddle and the tusk nut on it so its really
high quality synthetic materials that are being used today that have a good resonation
throughout so very balanced guitar good weight to it cases for them they make of em are like
$79 if you want to get a Trik case if you want to get a hard shell regular hard shell
case there like a hundred dollars so best bang for your buck March 2014 Rock and Roll
its got a Cedar top too

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