DIY Violin Case – For Sale


Hey everyone uh in today,’s, video, i’m, going to be showing you how i have done like a diy of this violin case. So this is nearly the final product, but not yet the final product i’ve, not finished yet.


You’ll see that at the end of the video and but basically just to tell you in short about why i’m doing this, and i got this case and i love to paint and um.


I decided to basically create a van gage paint, one and and then sell it and give all the money to charity, and the charity i have chosen is one that helps um kids in africa to learn music um.


So you can learn more about that in the description and in the comments what i’m going to be explaining.


But basically this case is for sale and the way it works it’s on sale on ebay.


I’ve put a price like a to start a starting price, and then it works on betting, so basically stop um.


So basically, it just works as in it’s a yeah starting price and then whoever bets more finally gets the case and the whole amount of the money will be given to the charity, um so uh, i hope uh.


Some of you will be interested.


It’s open internationally.


I will be, i can send it wherever you are um and again um. It is all for charity, and i just i just really wanted to do something of my time, especially that i have a bit more now and and no concept.


This summer, so i thought i’d, you know do this, and so i hope you enjoyed the process.


I’m going to be showing you from the beginning of how it looked like and how i’ve come to this, and then you’ll be able to stop and see the end the end product and, as you can see, i’ve got An assistant here who’s not helping so much but yeah, so i hope you enjoy and the link to buy the case is in the description.


So it is for sale and so do spread.


The word share and if you have friends interested in buying a violin case, nobody will have the same than yours.


So it’s very original.


So do um.


Yeah do tell your friends and if you’re interested in buying it, the link is in the description in the comments Music, so Music .



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