How to Put Your Clarinet Away & Clean it

How to Put Your Clarinet Away & Clean it


Hi, I’m Layla and I’m going to show you how to
take your clarinet apart and how to clean it.   So first of all you need to take your reed off
and if you want to see how to do that there is   a link to another video in the description
below. Then after that you need to get your   cleaning cloth ready and then you start taking
your clarinet apart. So I take it apart from   the top down. So the first bit I want off is
the mouthpiece. You have to be quite careful   when you clean your mouthpiece. So you put the
cleaning cloth in from the bottom and wiggle it   through and then you pull your cleaning cloth
through. Pull it halfway through because some   cleaning costs are too big to call all the
way through. You just give it a wiggle to make   sure that it picks up any moisture inside and
then you pull it back out the way it went in,   like so.


You then pop your ligature back on and
the mouthpiece cap back on and then slot it in   the correct part of your case. So next up is
the barrel. This part of the clarinet you can   pull the cloth all the way through. So it just
goes all the way through and then sometimes in   the little rims you can see a little bit of
moisture there so you can then just dry it   out using your finger on the cloth. And you slot
that part away the next bit to take part is the   top joint from the bottom joint. So here you need
to be careful that you’re lifting up the little¬†¬† lever down here so you need to push those keys
down, and you twist it carefully and you pull it   up.


Being really careful that you’re not going to
let those metal keys clash together. There we go. And then you pop your cleaning
cloth all the way through like   that. Sometimes around the cork you can
see a little bit of excess grease so   you can also get that off by using your
finger and the cleaning cloth like so. And then you pop that away. In most cases the
best way to position your top and bottom joint   is to make sure that the holes face upwards in
the case.


Work Desk Goods


And then we’ve got the bottom joint¬†¬† to take apart and you do the same thing with the
cleaning cloth. Pull it all the way through then   get rid of any moisture here and get rid of
any excess cork grease down here. And last but¬†¬† not least you’ve got the bell. The cleaning
cloth goes through the bell really easily,¬†¬† so easily that it doesn’t always pick up most
of the moisture either, so just give it a little   wipe and give it a little wipe this way and then
pull it through and pop it away. And then you can¬†¬† just fold up your cleaning cloth. Don’t forget
cleaning cloths can actually get quite mucky   and they can go in the washing machine just like
your clothes do.


So every now and then make sure¬†¬† you wash it so that it doesn’t get dirtier
and dirtier so it’s actually cleaning your¬†¬† clarinet. Just slot that away, close the lid and
be really careful to make sure you lock the case..

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