The Dead South – You Are My Sunshine [Official Music Video]

String Quartet

  The other night dear, as I lay sleeping I dreamed, I held you in my arms, But when I awoke dear, I was mistaken. So I bowed my head and I cried. You are my sunshine. My only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray. You’ll, never know dear how much I love you Please. Don’t take my sunshine away. I’ll always love you and make you happy If you will only say the same, But if you leave me to love another, You’ll regret it all…

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La Patrie Concert All Solid Wood Classical Guitar

Hey guys this is Joel with Guitars United I just want to show you another really cool guitar this is a classical guitar made in Canada and its called a La Patrie and its owed by the company Seagull which owns quite a few other companies like Simon & Patrick and Godin Stuff like that I think Godin owns all of them to be honest with you but this is a all solid wood classical guitar and it is $479.99 US This is March 2014 and we think this is…

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