Master The 2-5-1 Progression On Bass: 3 “Must-Know’ Methods

Master The 2-5-1

  In this bass lesson, you’re going to learn how to solo through one of the most common chord sequences, the 2-5-1 progression using 3 separate must-know approaches. Hi, I’m Luke from and if you want to have the confidence to improvise over this chord progression that I’m certain you’ve heard before, stick around. I think you’ll like this one! [Video Intro] I can virtually guarantee that you’ve heard the 251 progression before. It’s in so many different songs and across so many different styles of music. You’ve got…

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Gibson EB0 to EB3 Repair and Conversion 2022

  (mellow music) (guitar music) – This bass was purchased from a friend who had had it in storage for about 20 years after the headstock was accidentally broken off. Apparently the bass was leaning against an amp, got knocked over, landed on the headstock and it snapped it completely off. A common break for the 1969 to 1971 EBO and EB3 models with the slotted headstock and the rear facing tuners. This design made for a headstock heavy instrument with a one-piece mahogany neck, which resulted in a short…

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